At the beginning of the new century, in the 1902, Parisien goldsmith Madame Jacquet Ducroux built a secondary residence in Saint Christophe-en-Brionnais. The village is known for its cattle market that dates back to 1488. The unusual style of the house for the region Brionnais is reminiscent of Parisian architecture.

The house has long been called a "Chateau" but since it is really more in the "manor"-style, we decided to do a little research. The most likely hypothesis came to us after seeing old postcards depicting the house surrounded by vineyards with the title "Chateau de la Chaie" ("Chaie" is French for a wine storehouse). Later, the grapes were replaced by farmland and the house became known as "Chateau de la Chaix," which has no particular meaning, but reflects the history. We chose to keep the name too.

Until our arrival, the house remained in the original family for over a century.

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